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The department of the consumer sphere of Krasnodar Territory told journalists today that Kuban can compensate for the deficiency of Turkish foodstuffs with products from Azerbaijan, Iran, Abkhazia and other countries.

According to a source in the department, in six months Turkey has supplied Kuban with about 90 thousand tons of citrus fruits, 150 tons of tomatoes, 30 tons of onion and garlic, as well as 10 tons of cucumbers.

"We can't say that rejecting Turkish supplies will negatively affect the economic situation in the region. At least business representatives, particularly large wholesale ones engaged in the supply of fruit and vegetables from abroad, have already begun to reorient to other supplier countries," RIA Novosti quoted this source as saying.

In particular, he listed, in the short term the region can purchase the necessary products to provide consumers from Azerbaijan, Iran, Abkhazia, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt and China, since Kuban already have developed trade relations with these countries.

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